Jumat, 27 April 2012

be strong be grateful

I don't know why recently time had been hard and heavy

in this period of time I just remember what my friend said "just go with the flow, enjoy, do your best but never be so hard on yourself, enjoy your time, think of how Allah is by your side these times, just pray and always be content and always be grateful"
once someone's daddy told that someone "you are busy saving the world but why it is so hard for you just to help a newspaper seller in the traffic ligth?"

well he's right, I'm someone who doesn't even have the slightest idea to save the world though, but to help people just start from your surroundings.
"don't feel superior because when the reality is not what you expected you will fall and it hurts, don't feel inferior because when others look down to you their gaze will be heavy, and it hurts, just feel content that you're more lucky than some people, and feel grateful of what you had by keep helping people."
Sunday 13 march 2011


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