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Why Travelling, ga?

I don’t know, really, when or how it’s exactly started since I started dreaming to travel around the world. OH! Maybe it was in a junior-high-school-time or senior-high-school-time or, well somewhere in between J

Once you start, you can’t stop

It was in the middle of September, when I started my first travel abroad without any help from travel agent. It was a runaway project, a spontaneous decision. Though it wasn’t my first travel abroad, but it was the gate of the travel-addiction I believe infects me, totally worse than drugs. Yes, first real travel, Singapore.

Of why I was addicted, Oh that’s what I wanna share fellas, widen your eyes and ears, here we go

1.    The chase. ‘you said you dream of my face, but you don’t like me you just like the chase’ a little too late-Jojo
It’s true, It’s a little too late if I didn’t say that crazy decision and jump to that plane, even skipping the first day of class. The chase to get into the plane is what worth guys, the chase of the cheap ticket, the chase of the routes and maps, the chase of a new travel mates I never met before, the chase of something I don’t even know what, but I know it is there. The story that’s waiting.

2.    “Don’t you wanna hear the sound of all the places we could go do you fear the expression on the faces we don’t know” Second-hand serenade-Maybe
The place and the people we’ll meet, that will unconsciously widen our mind

3.    The Rush, The adrenaline, The anger, The hunger, The Cold
All the time I went abroad it was backpacking fellas, I mean it’s not including the summer English school I take at Australia that time of course it’s not backpacking, It was my greatest achievement that I’m proud of so far. Hunger is my friend when I travel, trust me I’m a big eater but it was so worth the pang in the stomach that I felt when in the last day I spent all my money to buy a real and proper meal, not just instant noodle or street food. The first snow I felt brushing my face still lingers in my skin, that time the look from all the native was like “Are you crazy? It’s snowing and you are putting a happy face there”

4.    Don’t you think our earth is mysterious?
From there, I started to think, what will happen if I stand there and just dreaming. The world is HUGE, only sitting here in this cubicle of school-Meeting the same people every day, yes it is getting dull-will just get me nowhere. Well however hard I’m trying to be smart, trust me, It’s not working hahaha. So I ended up, it’s okay to get a so-so grade but always protect your holiday (because in my lovely medical school that I attend, if you didn’t pass the standard of the minimal grade, you have to use your holiday to attend the lecture of the subject again and do the test once again)

5.    The freedom
“bahwa kita hidup dengan satu nilai kebenaran. Dalam sebuah perjalanan, ketika tak ada seorangpun mengenalnya, manusia bias lebih bebas mengekspresikan diri. Lebih leluasa menjadi dirinya sendiri. Dan kadang, batas mengekspresikan diri ini menjadi kabur. Meniadakan keberadaan orang lain””Hampir setiap hari kita idup dalam batasan yang dibuat orang lain,nilai kebenaran yang dibentuk oleh lingkungan sosial kita”
“Perjalanan memberikan kita jeda dari itu, sedikit merdeka dari batasan tadi”
-windy ariestanty, Life traveler-

Kalo singkat kata kayak kata fahril sih, tempat kita bias ber alay-alay sampe uncontrol gitu deh, secara sebagai budget traveler kita cuma modal kamera :>, atau ngepoin native yang ada disana, gimana rasanya ngobrolin mereka tanpa mereka tau apa yang kita omongin, hahaha. Atau pake boots and vedora tanpa orang-orang mandangin lo kayak lo orang paling saltum sedunia hahaha. Emanglah bener orang-orang kita itu terlalu kepo :>

6.    The plan. The overall
Travelling itu ya travelling. Travelling is travelling. No matter what style do you have. Solo travel or group travel. Independent travel, low budget whatever or even if you have the money it’s okay to go by travel agent’s help. That’s your style. Travelling is being you, really. But like what mas Alid said, for me, to go by travel agents is “nggak dapet feel nya”

7.    The place where you can put off all your nationality’s attributes and become the world’s resident, be native, so that you can call it home
Not that I am not proud of my country but, what’s the point of think this and that. To think that we are a tourist will never get me the feeling of a home, they’ll just look us differently, like some weird alien. Blend, but always remember where we came from J

Who has stayed at the airport once in the winter night? Hey, who has no idea if the hotel booked was in red district? Hey, who has the night spent in seven eleven buying instant noodle? Who has walked in the night, lost, while the quiet street was full of scary looking Indian people sitting on the grass talking and look at you with questioning look?”

There are still too many reasons I couldn’t tell with words, Fellas
kita bukan ingin menguasai dunia, kita hanya ingin mengenalnya saja
We’re not there to conquer the world, we’re just there to get to know it

For all travelers,

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