Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

Al Madinah- Al Munawarah | Prologue: Hopes up or hopes down?

Early in the journey, I always thought that this journey would be hard, with no playing times, straight praying, under the heated weather the country is famous of. Well, I’m no holy saint, I’m too used to being on a journey with leisure option and purpose where I could relax my mind and have fun, so I thought this would be hard on me  because this journey was kind of different. The Umroh I took part wasn’t organized by travel and tour agent, I did it with Ammanatul Ummah, an Islamic boarding school also an organization in the Islamic educational area. The fact that it wasn’t organized by travel and tour agent made it look more saddening because there was no Turkey, no Mesir, to go to, like my mom’s previous Umroh. 

What worse was, in the 18-day-travel we were advised to bring a small suitcase, cabin size, smaller than my suitcase when I travel 11 days to South Korea, only contain 3 female Ihrams, 2 dresses, and 1 pair of pajama. So be it, the sink was our washing machine.

Miraculously, the suitcase was still leaving some space. I always believe that the space left in your suitcase before you depart always contains hopes for a better come back. So hopes up, or hopes down?

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