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Al Madinah Al munawarah I: pastel and hot, candle like

The next morning I woke up, I saw through the hotel’s window the smear of orange colored sky blurring my vision reflecting on the pastel colored building. Here at Madinah the buildings’ color were mostly pastel, such as white, maroon,  creme, or light brown. 
At eight in the morning, we decided to stroll around Al masjed- Al Nabawi , I realized that the masjed was very big and gorgeous. The architecture inside was beautiful, the domes were able to be opened and showed the sky, this often happened at night, so beautiful. The art wasn’t just over, inside the rhaudah, the Rasulullah’s cemetery, there were more beautiful design. There is something special about this masjed, From Abu Hurairah ra from the Prophet said "Prayer in my masjed is better than a thousand prayers in other mosques except the Masjid-Haram" (Bukhari). So yeah the reward is a thousand times the usual reward from the usual shalat.  

One more thing for female, to enter the masjed you are not allowed to bring cell phone or camera so the staff will check you. But, I successfully hid my cell so I made to get in with it :p
Inside rhaudah there were the cemetery of Abu bakar, umar, and rasulullah himself. Rhaudah it self is the home of rasulullah when he was still alive. He was buried in aisyah’s room, one of his wives, the one he loved the most.
You can see outside there was green dome, its the sign of rhaudah. How to enter rhaudah? I’m a girl so I could only tell you the story from the female entry, Rhaudah is located in the male section of the Masjed so female has to wait for the staff to clear the way to rhaudah from the male so we can enter it. Female must enter gate 25 to enter rhaudah so if you enter from a different gate you have to look for the gate 25. The time to enter rhaudah from the info I know is after shalat fajr, after shalat dzuhur, and after shalat isya.
The staff will gather you based on the country you are from, Indonesia sign for the melayu people. It is basically consisting of Asian people, Africa, Iran, etc. They only have sign for country which have big moslem population so people who are from country like China, Korea, United states, they don’t usually gather you, so you can enter individually. The staffs will hold the signs which said your country on it, for melayu people you can look for the group of people who wear rukuh, cause most people who wear it basically melayu people, most of them are Indonesian or Malaysian. Here you’ll feel the brotherhood of people who have the same race as yours :)
After that you just need to follow the staff order. Getting there and do shalat there is not practically easy, you have to wait and look for a space to do that and the space of rhaudah is so small so we have to fight to get some space to do the shalat.
Asallamualaika ya Rasulullah, that was said over and over when I was walking to the rhaudah. The feeling is like waiting for your long lost lover in the train station, I don’t know why but everytime I go there, the tears in my eyes are always force its way to fall down. Sentimental, isn’t it? I miss him, I miss Rasulullah.
Ps: English is not my language, so for the engrish above bear with it.


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