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One thing that I learned from travelers before me, one thing that I always agree, one thing that I love traveling so much

“Ketika kamu tidak bisa belajar apapun dalam perjalanan yang kamu lakukan maka kamu tidak lebih dari sekedar turis, perjalanmu, semua itu sia-sia”

There are some who say “It’s about the journey, not the destination” 

Last week, I went on a trip, not far, I went to Jakarta. It is only one-hour-flight from my home. However, the lesson I got from this trip was sangat berharga, totally priceless. 

I learned a lot about trust, believe, faith, whatever you might call it. Trust was something we could easily got, it could be easily forgotten, It could be easily destroyed but, it was also hard to get, It was also hard to be forgotten, It was also hard to be destroyed. It was a double-edged sword.
I trusted someone, but that someone backstabbed me, like a fool I was fooled, if it even made sense. Was money so important, more important than people in general? Why were we, human, were slaved by money? We were the one who was powerful, we were the one who made the money to become this powerful so that it could fooled us. That someone was the example of it.
Not just ‘that someone’, there were also people who took trust for granted, Y, was the example whose trust was took for granted. She was fooled by someone who sold her a ticket, but it turned out the ticket was fake. How could someone live like that?
Up until now, I still did not understand the power of money, that it even could made us turned against our own kind. I lived in society where people always did good things, respect other people, live in manner, but after that trip, I realized that the world was not that clean, It happened around us, people disregarding other people because of money, because last time I checked it only happened on TV screen, but I was wrong, so wrong.
May be I was still young, I still save in my litle box, living in good society and environment, with good people. But I now realized that we could not just trust other people without questioning, without being alert. Then after that I wondered who were people I could trust?
I came up with some list of who are people I could trust. 

People come and go. Some leave and only some bothered to stay, some might even disappeared. People change. Some might once friends, one blink, then they become an enemy, some did not trust you, some lied to you, some stabbed you in the back, some looked down on you, there were always people like that, but only some bothered to be friends with you, listen to you, trust you, respect you, make you their family, and love you just the way you are. It was dynamic. Because time was always move in its own accord. There would always be someone who was replaced and some who replaced.

And this is the list of people I could always trust, always be in my circle. They are in the family circle.
Mbak anti. Bapak. Ibuk. Dedek. Mbah kung. Mbah uti. Iwak. Yayuk. Cece.

Things grows and so does my circle.

Bulet. Zaq, ellin, paus, jumik, peni, tarjo, ilay, dini, nay, manda, dijah, Blora, vlad, aliy

And people outside the circle that has amazed me with their thought, and make me trust them, the special circle

Vidy (the one who always tell good stories and always think a lot of things, share me your bravery and boldness, I envy you)

Kevin (the one who is always humble when taught me about lesson at school, For me, dari semua orang pinter di angkatan Kevin adalah guru terbaik dengan bahasa manusia yang mudah dimengerti, there is no arrogancy in his voice when he taught us and way too good sense of humor)

Bang Nico (I don’t know why, but you are a good person, way too good)
and lastly
  "You know who"

Thank you to ‘that someone’ who fooled me once, I learned a lot for you. Thank you Jakarta for being the destination in this journey. One more thing about traveling, It’s always about the people.

People who shows that they are bad people is better, at least you can defend yourself when they attack, than people who is bad but pretend to be good, then Dang!, they stab you in the back” (from trip to Jakarta, 23 September 2012)

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