Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Time trip before going home

I often think that life was all about rush, adventure, spontanity, fun, and things like that.
Today, at class, the almighty time who was always moving forward and left me behind, showing 13.00 tattoed on its body. The lecturer was explaining things in alienesse language that I learned but not able to comprehend, yet. I was sleepy, bored, and stuck.

I looked at my left, Ili was listening to the alienesse explanation about pediatric diseases, sometimes she wrote anything important that was not in the book, but her eyes looked tired, sleepy, still, she listened. That was Ili.

I looked at my right, Tari, she was putting out from her bag, her earphone, and connected it to her turquoise cashed iPhone. One minute passed, she already listening to music that were mute to the other. Sometimes she put her head on the table, and tried hard not to fall asleep. That was Tari.

Beside Tari, there, sit Peni. She listened to the front as the lecturer was explaining and taking notes. She was bored I could tell, and sleepy, well we were all sleepy. She played with osa’s phone I did not know what she did and sometimes she talked to Tari, or Jumi right beside her. That was Peni.

Jumi, sit between Peni and, I did not know I did not remember, may be dijah, maybe manda, she put her head on the table. Closing her eyes for a minute or two while the alienesse language still playing in the background. After a while she raised again her head and tried hard again to listen. That was Jumi.

And there were Manda and Dijah sitting beside Jumi, eyes full, and focus. I guessed they spoke the alienesse language. Attention to the slides presented and sometimes talking to each other.  They were Dijah and Manda.

It was enough. I felt relaxed and content, though it was not an extreme heavy happy feeling but it was enough. It was enough to sit between them and be around them. I felt content eventhough I did not understand the alienese language taught, though I was the foolest. I lived in that moment, and I wish I could immortalized it. And for me now that life was not all about rush, adventure, spontanity, fun, and things like that again. It was about being content, being enough, being relaxed, and grateful to the time, to God, to anything around you, to anyone around you.

From PA class 2 october 2012

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