Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Seoul: 1. The day when the first snow fell

in gyeongbokgung palace

I've always been living in a tropical country, and I've always thought that snow is beautiful even I'd never seen it before.

It was my very first day in seoul, at first I suppossed to go to Seogwipo, Jeju, but because there was no cheap flight, we (me and my friends) decided to stay one day at Seoul.

It was winter in Seoul, below zero degree, the weather sliced my skin, my throat and lips were dry, my legs and palms were frozen and stiff. I was not used to this, I thought

I've always thought that winter was very wonderful, the land would be covered in a snow blanket and people wearing beautiful coats, cute beanies, colorful scarfs everywhere. Yeah, my thoughts were true but I could not concentrate anymore because of the cold weather.

At that time I remember, we just entered the national folk museum. I sighed, finally it was warm. I glanced out the glass door and people were rushing out inside the museum.

It was cold but when the first snow fell,
All the colds were gone, my brain was screaming, my lips stretched wide from ear to ear, like a child given the toy she always wanted, like a doctor finding a new medicine, like astronout who first landed at moon, me and my friends rushed outside full of euphoria. we laughed, mouth awed, trying to catch the snowflakes, taking photos as many as possible.

Call me 'alay' or whatever but that was an honest feeling I felt
and once again, winter was beautiful with people who loves you, with stranger, with or without beautiful coat, everything was so overwhelming at that time.

Dear seoul, Dear winter
this is me being honest to you
I felt fuzzy and warm rained by your snowflakes

let me visit again to hug you, maybe in a different season

to all travelers, cheers!

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